WPForest Create A ThemeForest WordPress Theme Marketplace With WordPress

WPForest is a new WordPress theme marketplace theme from ThemesHive that clones the exact functionality of the popular WordPress theme marketplace ThemeForest allowing anyone to now start there very own WordPress theme marketplace. If you do not already know what a WordPress theme marketplace is read our previous article 6 WordPress Theme Marketplace Sites To Buy WordPress Themes & Plugins where we list some popular theme marketplaces that operate within the WordPress theme space.

WPForest Create A ThemeForest WordPress Theme Marketplace With WordPress

WPForest Admin Panel ThemeForest Clone

WPForest turns your WordPress website into a fully functional WordPress theme marketplace “ThemeForest Clone” allowing members to sell their created WordPress themes via your site and you take a percentage of the sale price for each item sold. As you can see by the name and design of this theme it has been built to fully clone the features of ThemeForest a highly popular WordPress theme marketplace.

Members of your site can upload created themes or plugins to sell, you set a price for the item and take a percentage of the sale profits on each sold item. The percentage you earn from sold items works on a configurable sliding scale meaning your members who have sold a lot of themes pay you less sales commission than members who have only sold a small amount of themes who pay a higher commission. Below are some more features of the WPForest theme.

Depositing system and Payment gateways

WPforest marketplace theme allows members to deposit money in their on site balance and track their expenses. If someone not want to deposit money into the site system they still have option to buy and pay for the item directly from their current PayPal balance.

Built-in affiliate platform

WPForest contains a fully featured affiliate system to track visitors and award your affiliates with a percentage of the sale price for their referrals. You don’t need any additional WordPress addons or plugins for affiliates and each member that signs up for your site automatically becomes and affiliate, this is a fantastic and invaluable way of getting members to promote your site and reward them for doing so.

Member badge and award system

Much like ThemeForest members will get awards on their achievements and the site admin can award specific points to members. WPForest supports featured, country, post purchased, post sold, referrals and more member badges.

Front End post submission and admin approval system

Members have the ability to submit their new items from the website front-end where a site admin can then approve or reject the submitted items. All approval or rejection notification are sent to the item author with an explanation of why the file was rejected. The author can also edit their item from front-end and can delete it too (if admin permits it).

WPforest is a nice and relatively inexpensive solution if you wish to start your own WordPress theme marketplace selling themes and plugins, it could also be used by single theme developers as a way of easily selling their own themes with the aim of eventually expanding their site to sell themes from other WordPress theme developers. Go try the demo and check out the themes full features from the link below.

View WPForest WordPress Marketplace Theme Details – Price $89